• 2016 AAF Ad 2 Honolulu Public Service Natl. Campaign Second Place Winner- Travel2Change

  • 2018 D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil Winner- OnPar

  • 2018 Creative Conscience Shortlist- Noise

  • 2018 Creativity International Silver Winner- Noise

  • 2018 Summit International Silver Winner- Noise

  • 2018 YCN Award Winner- Dogs with Experience

  • 2018 Ads of the World Feature- Dogs with Experience

  • 2018 Coloribus Feature- Dogs With Experience

  • 2019 AAF San Francisco Addy Silver Award Winner- Post-it, It Sticks

  • 2019 CMYK Top 58 Creatives- Post-it, It Sticks

  • 2019 New York Advertising Awards Shortlist- Post-it, It Sticks

  • 2019 New York Advertising Awards Shortlist- Dogs with Experience


I’m from Hawaiʻi, so it’s only right for me to welcome you to my
portfolio with a little love.

Or “aloha.” There, I said it.

My entire life, all I wanted to do was create and affect change through
the power of media. It was always an uphill battle to find a path that
would allow me to do this, until I realized advertising could be just

I did everything in my power to get my foot into the industry. I
graduated with a Bachelor's in Media Arts, which allowed me to think
creatively and learn the technical skills to make my voice come to life.

I balanced working as an Account Manager, along with being a
co-chair of AAF's Ad2 Honolulu, just to stay at the top of my game.
Because of this, I was able to build knowledge pertaining both to
the creative and business sides of the industry.

I could say more, but I think I’ll let my work do the talking. Let's work together.


(808) 223-2514